Making something old new again

I woke up to a beautiful morning. I ate breakfast and planned my day. The first thing that came to my mind was paint. So I jumped into my car and went to my local craft store and bought some chalk paint from DecoArt. This was my first time using there product. There is no prep when using the paint. I am glad about that. They also have a stain blocker if you find a stain on the wood. Next I went to our local resale store and found some great items. I got really lucky because the store was running a 50 percent off sale!

I found this great bowl. I love the shapes inside the bowl. I am not yet finished with the bowl I am showing it with only the first coat. I will post it again once I have it all done to show you. The second project is a set of two candle holders. When I looked at them they reminded me of flower stems. Luckily I found these amazing cups that look like flowers. With a little E6000 It came out just like I imagined it in my mind. My next goal is to find round candles to make it complete.This will be my final project. I am planning to paint the frame using everlasting adc01 by DecoArt. Create, Create, Create and have fun! Have passion4lifeandcrativity!

Coloring fills my heart

When I was going to college I dreamed of owning Copic markers. They were the rage back then and still are today. Copic markers come in a range of colors that allow you the ability to blend colors. The results you get are amazing, that is why many paper artists love using them. The images in the card that I’m featuring today are from two different companies, Santoro from London and RG Studio 360 from the U.S. The Santoro collection are made of rubber. The stamp easily adheres to the stamp set and has a colored image to help you with your coloring. The images come out clear and crisp. The second set of images are from, where you can find wonderful Digital Stamps that come in 3 different formats PDF, SVG and JPEG. You can also purchase clear Photo Polymer Stamps. The images above are from the digital download named “Cake Layers” that comes with 17 images. In the card above I used 3 images. I hope this card inspires you to use Copic markers with your stamps. Remember to have Passion for life and Creativity. Until later, Sandra Ann.

Welcoming 2019

Looking forword to 2019. Words cann

ot express the excitement I am feeling for this years creative possibilities. I am currently a Certified Studio Designer this is a venture I participated in at “Rise 2018” which was held in Scottsdale Arizona. Richard and Gaby Gary launched their new product which can be found at you will find great products like Digital Stamps, Acrylic Stamps, Ink Pads and Paper that matches the Ink Pads. Through out the year I will feature some of the company’s stamp sets in the cards I create. Here is a card I made using these great products. The beautiful image that is featured today is from the “Flor Maria Stamp set.” This is a dream come true for me to find sentiments that are in Spanish. This is such a delightful feeling for years I hoped that I could send out a Thank You or a Happy Birthday sentiment in Spanish to my Abilita (grandma) who is no longer with me but now my children can. Thank You, Richard for making this a reality. In my Blog I will feature a variety of topics   Surrounding having Passion4life and Creativity. I am looking forward to provide inspiration for you to reach your creative potential.

Classes and Event schedule coming soon!

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Childhood memories

Sunday morning were always special in our family. My mom would turn on music that would travel to our rooms. I would roll my covers around me more tightly enjoying the warmth and coziness of the blankets. Mom just knew how to get us out of bed with out saying a word. Once the music started she would follow up with the smell of breakfast. I would hear her in the kitchen. First I would hear the pan than the sizzling of the chorizo followed by the cracking of the eggs. Once I stated smelling the fresh made tortillas I knew it was time to run out of bed! There is nothing better than a hot tortilla and warm butter. I alway ran to the table first to serve my chorizo while it was warm along with a warm tortilla. That made a perfect start to the morning. There was a lot of talking at the table sharing, planning and laughing at the table. Our meals were set family time. On Sunday’s we would go to our Church than we would go visit our Grandparents. I remember going to my great Grandmother Theresa’s house. It was a stucco home which was cool in the summers. Today’s card is called “Child hood Memories” I combined the memory of my Great Grandmothers house and church.930BB9F9-E956-4F6A-954E-FC0445B8119F