Card Making is one of my passions!

There is nothing greater than waking up with an idea and you just have to get on paper before that idea fades away. I find my self in my studio sitting on my desk looking for the right pencil or Copic marker and paper to help my idea come to life. I must be missing my Tucson roots because I can’t stop drawing old stucco buildings and cactus. I have a drawing that I made this morning that I will be sharing with all of you this afternoon. Until than, keep creating!


Beautiful morning, everyone! I am in beautiful Tucson Arizona this morning. Enjoying the beautiful colors which surround me. Art is everywhere from the beautifully colored shops and building to the murals that welcome you when driving into the city. You will be inspired to create something when you get back home. Don’t forget to visit the white dove of the desert San Xavier. The murals which are there are priceless. Many of the murals have been restored and now have the vibrant colors back in them. The Old Pueblo radiates with it’s range in colors. You will find some homes and shop exteriors in beautiful colors like blue, yellow, purple and red and that it just naming a few. The food is amazing but spicy too. It is only a two hour drive from Phoenix, Arizona and is worth visiting!