Making something old new again

I woke up to a beautiful morning. I ate breakfast and planned my day. The first thing that came to my mind was paint. So I jumped into my car and went to my local craft store and bought some chalk paint from DecoArt. This was my first time using there product. There is no prep when using the paint. I am glad about that. They also have a stain blocker if you find a stain on the wood. Next I went to our local resale store and found some great items. I got really lucky because the store was running a 50 percent off sale!

I found this great bowl. I love the shapes inside the bowl. I am not yet finished with the bowl I am showing it with only the first coat. I will post it again once I have it all done to show you. The second project is a set of two candle holders. When I looked at them they reminded me of flower stems. Luckily I found these amazing cups that look like flowers. With a little E6000 It came out just like I imagined it in my mind. My next goal is to find round candles to make it complete.This will be my final project. I am planning to paint the frame using everlasting adc01 by DecoArt. Create, Create, Create and have fun! Have passion4lifeandcrativity!

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