Coloring fills my heart

When I was going to college I dreamed of owning Copic markers. They were the rage back then and still are today. Copic markers come in a range of colors that allow you the ability to blend colors. The results you get are amazing, that is why many paper artists love using them. The images in the card that I’m featuring today are from two different companies, Santoro from London and RG Studio 360 from the U.S. The Santoro collection are made of rubber. The stamp easily adheres to the stamp set and has a colored image to help you with your coloring. The images come out clear and crisp. The second set of images are from, where you can find wonderful Digital Stamps that come in 3 different formats PDF, SVG and JPEG. You can also purchase clear Photo Polymer Stamps. The images above are from the digital download named “Cake Layers” that comes with 17 images. In the card above I used 3 images. I hope this card inspires you to use Copic markers with your stamps. Remember to have Passion for life and Creativity. Until later, Sandra Ann.

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