Welcoming 2019

Looking forword to 2019. Words cann

ot express the excitement I am feeling for this years creative possibilities. I am currently a Certified Studio Designer this is a venture I participated in at “Rise 2018” which was held in Scottsdale Arizona. Richard and Gaby Gary launched their new product which can be found at RGStudio360.com you will find great products like Digital Stamps, Acrylic Stamps, Ink Pads and Paper that matches the Ink Pads. Through out the year I will feature some of the company’s stamp sets in the cards I create. Here is a card I made using these great products. The beautiful image that is featured today is from the “Flor Maria Stamp set.” This is a dream come true for me to find sentiments that are in Spanish. This is such a delightful feeling for years I hoped that I could send out a Thank You or a Happy Birthday sentiment in Spanish to my Abilita (grandma) who is no longer with me but now my children can. Thank You, Richard for making this a reality. In my Blog I will feature a variety of topics   Surrounding having Passion4life and Creativity. I am looking forward to provide inspiration for you to reach your creative potential.

Classes and Event schedule coming soon!

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