Childhood memories

Sunday morning were always special in our family. My mom would turn on music that would travel to our rooms. I would roll my covers around me more tightly enjoying the warmth and coziness of the blankets. Mom just knew how to get us out of bed with out saying a word. Once the music started she would follow up with the smell of breakfast. I would hear her in the kitchen. First I would hear the pan than the sizzling of the chorizo followed by the cracking of the eggs. Once I stated smelling the fresh made tortillas I knew it was time to run out of bed! There is nothing better than a hot tortilla and warm butter. I alway ran to the table first to serve my chorizo while it was warm along with a warm tortilla. That made a perfect start to the morning. There was a lot of talking at the table sharing, planning and laughing at the table. Our meals were set family time. On Sunday’s we would go to our Church than we would go visit our Grandparents. I remember going to my great Grandmother Theresa’s house. It was a stucco home which was cool in the summers. Today’s card is called “Child hood Memories” I combined the memory of my Great Grandmothers house and church.930BB9F9-E956-4F6A-954E-FC0445B8119F

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